Medical (Dr Prescription, Patient Detail & Reports, Medical Representative)

Doctor can give Appoinment through mobile App. Doctor Prescription printing , maintain patient history and maintain bed details.

Education Institute (School, College, Interview Question, Communication Class)

For maintain students details, send the students information like attendance, mark, leave information to parents. Update school/college function images for view all parents.

Hotel (Room booking, Function Orders, Table Order, Home Delivery)

For Hotel mobile of support lots of ways, Take order from home, Room booking, Delivery boy.

Retail (All type of Retail Stores)

For Retail we do all the sales through Mobile app. It's support markting and get more customers.

Media (Radio or TV shows, Movies teaser, Book publishing)

Mobile App is used to re-delicost your shows, release movie teaser, relase books and Ads.

Builders (promote new projects)

For Builders its support's promote new projects, give the full layout to here customers.

Banking and Finance (Two wheeler loan,Employee loan)

It's support for EMI collection. Advertice your new scheme and maintain your employee details.

Travels (Booking, Tracking)

For Travels it's support booking through Mobile App. Reduce the man power and increase the bookings. It's support to track your Vehicle.

Personal (Money Management, Photo album, Vehicle Management)

Create Marriage, Birthday Photo alpham and make the video collection as App.